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By following the simple steps below for your particular mobile browser, you can easily pin a LOCAL LAVA quick-launch icon to your smartphone or tablet homescreen. Remember, LOCAL LAVA works within your mobile web browser, so you will not need to download or install anything additional to your device in order to use it!

If you use a mobile browser that is not shown below, then it is still very likely that the steps to pin my quick-launch icon to your homescreens works the same way as the ones shown below.

  • Chrome Browser

    With the Chrome mobile browser open, tap on menu icon. Then, tap on the "Add to Home screen" option from the menu.

  • Dolphin Browser

    With the Dolphin mobile browser open, tap on dolphin icon to launch the menu. Then, tap on the "Add to" option from the menu. Then, tap on "Home screen" from the final menu.

  • Firefox Browser

    With the Firefox mobile browser open, tap on menu icon. Then, tap on the "Page" option from the menu. Finally, tap on "Add to Home Screen" from the final menu.

  • Maxthon Browser

    With the Maxthon mobile browser open, tap the bookmark star. Then, tap on the "Add To Desktop" option from the browser's menu.

  • Opera Mini Browser

    With the Opera Mini mobile browser open, tap on the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the browser (next to the address bar). Then, tap on the "Add to home screen" option from the drop-down menu. Next, tap on "Add to Home Screen" from the final menu.


Invite your business associates and peers to pin LOCAL LAVA to their homescreens.

LOCAL LAVA is completely free to share and use. It already includes sharing and social media connectivity buttons that allow you to share it via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and dozens of other social channels where you already have an established account.

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